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As an American actress and producer, Rachel Boston is known for her role in the NBC award-winning television series, “American Dreams” (2002).

While her appearances on the CBS series “The Ex List” (2008) and “In Plain Sight” (2008) thrust her further into the limelight, she was left in the glare of publicity when she portrayed Ingrid Beauchamp in “Witches of East End” (2013).

Believing it might be a mannequin, Ainsworth attempted to snag the figure with a pole.

Accidentally, the raft overturned as he tried to dislodge the figure from a rock and Ainsworth fell into the river.

Although neither Rachel nor Brad specified that they were in a romantic relationship, their affair was authenticated by their being together in parties and other public events.

To cite an instance, they were together at the 5th Annual Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Guild Awards which happened in 2004 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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The fact that she was Miss Teen Tennessee and top ten at Miss Teen USA in 1999 stressed this point.

It’s necessary to point out that “The Pill” also secured the Gen Art Film Festival Audience Award.

On August 15, 1982, Robert Ainsworth, 41, stepped into his rubber raft and began his descent south down the Green River toward the outer edge of Seattle's city limits.

It was a trip he had made on many occasions, yet this time it would be different.

It’s believed she laid the foundation and uplifted the agitation for critical issues like gender equality.

Though Rachel Boston is reputed for being a regular cast member in several television-series, she’s esteemed for a handful of independent film roles.

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