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I've never heard a human being use such a ravaged voice while still sounding so inexpressive.At least Eddie Vedder always sounded like he meant it.Since Pearl Jam's heydey, a whole host of singers have emulated a vocal style critic Stephen Thompson has termed "hunger dunger dang." On the twentieth anniversary of Pearl Jam's first album, Ten, we now take a look back at the bastard children of Eddie Vedder's voice. Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots were always a great three or four bands.By which I mean, when they all got on the same page as to who they were stealing from, they made rock music that you and your dad could probably both nod your head to.Apparently this guy is a Christian and Creed’s music is Christian based.

I'm hard-pressed to choose which to include here, but I'll go with "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)," because I'm pretty sure I got to third base listening to it once. Gavin Rossdale, Bush I forgot when I pitched this article that I'd actually have to listen to these bands again.

With the supposed end of the world soon approaching us, I found it a little easy to avoid the “Year’s Best” or “2012 In Review” type of posts, simply because, if the Mayans, who sacrificed mother fuckers to appease their gods were right, then what’s the point. Forget about Christmas, forget about Boxing Day shopping, forget about New Year’s, forget about your next birthday…

If Armageddon is coming, then you will not have time to buy that 60″ Smart TV that just came out with 3D picture for 50% off. You will only have enough time to read this post and maybe get a chance to check out these radically, awesome clips.

I’m pretty sure when this tape popped up, Creed was done.

There's no denying Pearl Jam is one of the great modern rock bands.

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