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You do not need to upgrade to a premium plan for your site to be found by search engines.Wix is search engine friendly and your free Wix site will indeed be indexed.Of course that Wix and Wordpress are different, but that’s because in many cases we’re addressing different audiences that are less tech-savvy (i read your previous posts about that manner and I’m sure we got our differences, but you must understand why some people are threatened with any kind of programming).

As new technologies are introduced and Internet consumption evolves, Wix was able to build a HTML5 product that uses the full capabilities of current web browsers.

Even more important though, Google is not a fan of Wix. This will affect how much traffic you can potentially get because your site will not be search engine optimized. Also, you can’t verify Wix sites in Google Webmaster, which matters considerably. In terms of being indexed by search engines, the content of the site itself is the most important factor.

The platform on which your site is built is not as significant with regards to indexation, as long as your content is visible.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is an interconnected system of cache servers in different locations, allowing your site content to be loaded from the closest server.

Wix offers many features (images, animations, external applications, videos, slideshows, etc.) and encourages her users to use them to create a top-notch site.

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Tool that will enable users to create amazing websites that are functional, usable, and fully accessible for everyone on every device. I don’t think Wix websites get hacked though because there’s no need to. We provide all of the tools and features necessary to optimize site content for SEO purposes.

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