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As far as science can tell, Mauisaurus was limited to the New Zealand area, showing that the area that would one day become Australia and its neighbors was always a land of terror. It was outlasted by sharks, but I am sure that is small consolation for the variety of creatures this beast ate.

Instead of teeth, it had bony ridges, like a turtle.

You can be sure no one was digging up these thing’s nests to get at the eggs.

These sharks grew to be about 15 feet long, and had a lower jaw that was made of a “tooth whorl”. Livyatan melvillei was a whale that ate other whales.

It has been calculated that they had a bite force of 8,000 pounds per square inch, putting it on par with crocodiles and T-Rex in terms of being history’s strongest biters.

They also believe, based on the evidence in the skull regarding its musculature, that it could have opened its mouth in one fiftieth of a second, meaning it vacuumed food into its guillotine of a mouth.

The modern ocean is a scary place, filled with barracuda, sharks, super-squids, and possibly Cthulhu.

Their overall length was about 66 feet, and that ridiculously long neck had plenty of vertebrae, implying that it was flexible.Megalodon is probably the best-known creature in the list; it’s hard to keep the idea of a shark the size of a school bus out of pop culture.Plus, science-minded entertainment sources like the Discovery Channel love creatures that could pass for a movie monster.Now imagine being afraid to even take a bath ever again.Physical evidence suggests that basilosaurus did not have the cognitive ability of modern whales, nor the ability to echolocate, and could only navigate in 2 dimensions (so no deep diving or breaching).

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For most of these things, humans would barely qualify as a snack.

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