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Once you’ve moved to the messaging stage, replace neutral words, such as "happy" or "fine," with more upbeat ones, like "excited" and "wonderful." Subtle lingo tweaks like these have been shown to boost our appeal to potential suitors.Also, express interest in what the other person is saying: "Oh, that's interesting you work in finance. " or "Very cool about your meditation practice—what do you like most about it?Spilling too much about your life early on can drive others away, studies suggest.That's why it's best to save opening up about tough issues—from exes to family issues to health problems—until we know a person's ready to hear it.

In fact, 64 percent of the millennial generation is in the same singles-only boat.Movies (in a theater and not at someone’s apartment), comedy shows, or any of these 29 unique first-date ideas would also work.If nothing else, you’ll have an alternative source of entertainment in case an awkward silence ensues.Same goes for online dating: Research shows the more profiles we compare, the pickier we become.The more profiles we compare, the pickier we become.

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And if a new date makes an off-color joke, issues a hurtful remark or judgment, or withdraws from a tricky conversation, Fisher says, consider these harbingers of what’s to come if you get more serious. not talking about yourself the whole time or constantly checking your phone) can make you seem more physically attractive, research shows.

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