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Video one involves a guy looking for work at the unemployment office, only to be manipulated into getting fully nude in front of the female counselor & getting his cock measured, jerked, & sucked.

Video two features a masturbating peeping tom busted by his parent’s housemaid, only to be blackmailed into stripping fully naked, cleaning, & jerking off while she films him.

Video ten features a guy dancing around in his underwear, who gets depantsed by his friend in full view of a group of laughing women.

Videos eleven and twelve involve guys getting their underwear ripped off during public mud wrestling events.

Video eleven features one guy who gets his underwear ripped off while wrestling four girls – eliciting laughter & embarrassment.

Video twelve features a guy who rips off his own boxers, much to delight of at least 20 girls, only to further entertain them by stripping his opponent of his boxers, as well.


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Video fourteen features a group of cute girls on a bachelorette pub crawl posing with a drunk dude in his underwear, who later gets depantsed & exposed as they laugh & take pics.

Then wrapping up the post are videos fifteen and sixteen, involving younger women taking part in the surprise exposure of a guy.

Videos five and six feature drunk, passed out guys getting stripped & exposed by mischievous girls.

In video five, two girls pull down a guy’s pants to expose his partially hard cock & decorate it all while quietly giggling to themselves.

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