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Leaving the park, we drive to nearby Anuradapura, where we will spend the night.We start this morning with a visit to the mountain peak of Mihintale.It is believed that this was the site of a momentous meeting between the monk Mahinda and King Devanampiyatissa, introducing Buddhism to the country.Exploring Mihintale involves climbing a flight of 1,840 shallow stone steps leading to the summit of the Missaka Mountain.

A switchback series of steps and steel stairways ascend to the top.Join us on this one week trip exploring Sri Lanka's highlights.From searching for wild leopard and elephants in Willpaththu National Park to exploring the country's Buddhist temples at Mihintale and Dambulla.- to cross the short distance across the lake to Hiriwaduna Village where we are met by the villagers and treated to a traditional Sri Lankan lunch.We can watch as delicious curries and fluffy rice are prepared and try out creating a traditional spicy sambar.

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We may also be treated to a stunning sunset over the ocean.

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