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Encourage people to come back often as there will be many updates in the coming weeks and months.

STEP 3: Prepare Business Cards If you are planning a reunion of a significant size, you may want to create business cards with the name of the school, the reunion year, and your school mascot on them.

Include a page that reflects back to the time when you graduated.

It’s very easy to find pictures and information for the year that you graduated on sites like,, and other encyclopediarelated websites.

The suggestions in this book apply to a reunion with as little as 50 classmates or more than 500, and they are valid if you are planning a 5-year reunion or a 50-year reunion.

Most reunions occur around milestone anniversaries such as the 10-year, 20-year or 30-year mark, although odd-numbered years work as well.

This is not absolutely necessary, but if you are planning a reunion entirely alone you will need a lot of free time.

In the past, creating a website required someone with the technical knowledge and skills of an experienced computer programmer.

You will benefit from the information in this book whether you are only considering having a reunion or if your planning is already well under way.

In either case, you will find great tips and ideas to make your reunion a success.

To ensure you have sufficient lead-time, you should ideally start planning 12 months in advance of the event.

If you only have six months or less, you can still pull it off but you may need to adjust your timeline accordingly.

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You should post a message that tells visitors you are in the early stages of planning the reunion.

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