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Afterall Yemeni tribes share common traditions with their counterparts in the Gulf. That said, statistically, the hundreds and perhaps thousands of Arabs who were naturalised in the 1960s and 1970s when the population of native Emiratis was in the tens of thousands constitute a much larger number than the few hundred that the UAE could potentially naturalise nowadays when the population of citizens is well over one million.Unless otherwise indicated all the individuals featured below were or are UAE passport holders.Much of the information was gathered through research in Arabic and English language websites and interviews as well as through the power of social media crowdsourcing for which I am very grateful to the contributors.

Palestine born Dawud Al Siksek came to Abu Dhabi in 1964 to work in the Diwan of then Ruler Sheikh Shakhbout.During his tenure Channel 33 became synonymous with the best of Western and Eastern programming.The Thursday night Indian hit movie was the event of the week watched by Emirati and South Asian families.The reason why I opted to include as many names as possible of these pioneers is because merely mentioning a few cases runs the risk of some casting them as all too isolated cases of naturalisation.These immigrants have been naturalised and yet our national identity has not disappeared or eroded as some may fear.

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