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Hero: Les Gray (centre), 98, from Birmingham, surrounded by his family.

Mr Gray was recruited into the BEF and served from 1940 onwards.

For the remainder of his working career, post-war, he served as a civilian in the War Office (subsequently the Ministry of Defence).​Enlisted 1938 in Dorset Regiment, then transferred to Royal West Kent 1939-1946.

Occupation driver/mechanic driving Bren gun carrier. Was sent to France April 1940 and subsequently evacuated from Dunkirk.

He then went on to Greece and Italy, where he was involved at the battle of Monte Cassino.

Charles ended his career on 28th July 1946 after serving 8 years 46 days with an exemplary military conduct record. In 1939, he headed to France with the Royal Artillery where he served as a motorcycle dispatch rider.

Planes kept coming over machine-gunning us and lots of my friends were killed because there was nowhere to hide.

James Baynes, 97, from north London, narrowly avoided reaching a ship which was shortly afterwards sunk by German bombardment during the evacuation of Dunkirk.

He later went on to serve in the North Africa (notably El Alamein) and Italy campaigns​He was abandoned on the beach in Dunkirk by his commanding officer with the instruction 'every man for himself'. He was in the Territorial Army when war was declared and was therefore recruited from the start of the war.

At Dunkirk, he volunteered as a stretcher bearer before returning to England on a Royal Navy destroyer.

He subsequently landed at Algiers as part of Operation Torch and took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944. After the war he worked as a bus driver in Plymouth.

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  1. This may include Clergy, Probation/Parole Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Attorneys, Bail Bondsman, Social Workers, medical professionals, and mental health professionals.