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And perhaps the reason that I haven't been with anyone since is because of the sheer awfulness of this particular incident. So I had been dating C for about three to four weeks. C, unfortunately could not wait until he got home to use the bathroom. I was sitting on the couch, trying desperately not to run for the door, when I heard the bathroom door click. My friend M and her husband, B, also heard it, loud and clear.It was one of those situations where I just couldn't make up my mind about him. In fact, it was so alarmingly loud that B covered his head with his pillow.

This choice is one of the most important decisions which you will ever make.

No one else will mean so much for your future as the one whom you choose as your mate.

Remember that you are choosing more than a companion for fun.

Do you both have a kindly, humane attitude toward other people?

Today I'm taking the Bar Exam so I have a guest blogger. I barely slept a wink that night and was up and ready to leave at an ungodly early hour.

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  1. Still, though, nights like this would always remind him that he was at the mercy of a true Hollywood diva, and that he’d simply have to put up with her demanding, high-maintenance way of life if he wanted to continue dating her.

  2. En España, por ejemplo, según el Instituto Nacional de Estadística, en el año 2008 el 51,0% de los hogares españoles tenía acceso a la red, frente al 44,6% del año anterior.